Friday, February 29, 2008

It's 2:30AM

And I should be in bed. But I decided that I needed to put in an update here before I Ah - the joys of being a computer junkie and not being able to go to bed until I do that one more thing.

Actually - that sounds like my life quite a bit. I am an avid cross-stitcher - so I am notorious for doing the "just want to finish this thread/stitch/row/color before I go to bed and next thing you know another hour or two has gone by and I am still sitting in the chair. That happens with my jewelery all the time as well.

It would wonderful if I didn't need to sleep. Actually - it would be nice to be able when and how long I needed to sleep. I say this because I actually do enjoy sleeping. It's nice to be able to shut the brain down for a while.

I had one of the worst days I have ever had at work yesterday. Suffice it to say I had to help unload a lot of furniture (about 75 pieces) off of our truck yesterday that was all lose loaded. It was awful! All of our furniture is made from hard wood - so the stuff is really heavy - especially the dining room tables and chairs. No lunch break either - so I was really happy to be able to leave yesterday and even more glad that I had today off. I am really sore today - and for some reason have been battling a headache that won't quit.

My dog, Ida Mae has been really sick this week. I am hoping that today was a turning point for her and that she is going to start feeling better. She has some sort of infection - so I am just waiting for some antibiotics for her at this time and see what those do for her. She is an absolute love - I was very blessed when she came into my life 4 years ago.

I working on a football themed bracelet for a friend of mine (also named Julie) who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have gotten one bead made at this point - but hope to get it all made up by bedtime tomorrow. I think it is going to look really cool when I get it all done. I will post pictures here once I get it all done.

Oooo - I almost forgot - Etsy was featured on the Martha Stewart show this morning! How cool is that? I forgot it was on but someone was kind enough to provide a link and I am now sharing that with you! Nice segment - I wish it had been a little longer.

Let's see tomorrow I plan to give some TLC to the dog....she needs it right now. I am going to work on Julie's bracelet, promote my etsy site, make up some discount cards for giveaway's for a couple of out of state craft shows, and work on my wolf spirit cross stitch. Oh - and how could I forget doing laundry and dishes? (Quite easily really - since it always the part I WANT to

It is now 3 am - so I guess that is a hint for me to sign off and go to bed...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sneak peek

These are just a few pictures of pieces that I will be uploading to my Etsy site soon. The pictures are not at the quality that I like for my shop, but thought I would post them here so that everyone could see what is coming soon! (I ran out of daylight and batteries for my camera - but have the batteries now - so the next day that is even remotely sunny that I have the time off - I will be snapping away...)

Update on Dad....

Hmmmm - I just realized that I have not updated anyone on my Dad. The past 8 months or so have been really long and emotionally draining at times. I will not go into play by play detail, but will say the following - my Dad is an amazing and wonderful man. I am amazed at all that he has been and continues to go through on a daily basis - and yet he still manages to have a great sense of humor, laugh and love.

He has been on chemo since end of May beginning of June - and last report was that it was doing the trick. He started on dialysis July 30. He had a bowel resection that failed and ended up with a colostemy - that was a nearly month long hospital stay - and he was really sick. That was back in Oct/Nov. He has surgery to install a fistula for dialysis - it was buried too deep - so he had surgery again today to move it closer to the skin so that it can actually be used. Oh - and he had a blod clot in his leg just recently (side effect from one of the chemo drugs).

That's about all in a nutshell - since I am planning on blogging more, I am sure that I will have more detailed updates.

Oh and case you didn't guess - this is my Dad - this past summer after he started the chemo.

Another blah day here...

*sigh* I am so sick of winter - it seems that this winter has dragged on with no hope of ever seeing green grass or feeling a warm breeze on your face again. About a week ago, after a very cold walk home from the bus stop, I walked in the door and looked at my SO and said, "Global warming my a**." (Not to make light of global warming as I feel it is a very serious issue - but that particular night I was feeling a little irritable.)

That being said, I am having issues finding the desire to create anything new - I get out of bed in the morning, get ready for work, walk to the bus stop, work, go back to the bus stop and then walk back home, perhaps play on the computer, and go to bed. Mundane. Boring. Monotonous.

So I made a decision today to try to update my blog at least several times a week - I said when I first started this blog, that this would be about me and my life - including my jewelery, hobbies, love life and everything else. If you don't want to read my blog, then don't. I won't be offended - really - I won't. But if you want to know a little bit more about me as a person, what makes me tick, what my pet peeves are.....then read away.

Speaking of pet peeves - I have a lot of them. That being said however, my number one pet peeve is people who talk on the phone while I am trying to wait on them. That just grates on my last nerve. (I work in retail and this happens all the time.) I will try to pretend that they are not talking on the phone so I will say something like "Hi - How are you today?" Which is usually followed by this from them: "Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda">while ignoring the fact that I am STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!! I swear I had a girl yesterday, who talked on her phone so loudly that her conversation could be heard throughout most of the store (I work in a large store). By the way, she was discussing whether she was just going to have her sister as her bridesmaid in her wedding - or a huge wedding party. (I see a future Bridezilla in the making here....) And just for the record here - I understand emergencies, important phone calls, and even answering the phone and asking to call the person calling back - I get that. I do. But please, for the love of all things holy, show some respect to the person on the other side of the counter and get off the phone if it can wait for 2 minutes.

I love people - they make life interesting. But sometimes, I just want to gouge someone's eyeballs out with a spoon for being rude.

Funny thing about my little rant is I have actually had a good day today - bet you can't wait to see me when I have had a really bad day....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My latest additions...

This is going to be a very quick blog as I am really tired and I need to go to bed soon. But I wanted to show you all my latest additions to my site!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Back - after a long hiatus....

Wow - I can't believe that it was May the last time I updated my blog - I figure I better get something in here to at least show that I am around - even though I don't have much in the way of new additions to my website with the exception of this bracelet that is shown to the right. I have called it Rings around Mars - since Mars is known as the red planet. (Thanks to my friend Julie for helping me name this as I was

This could easily be an OSU bracelet as the colors are scarlet and gray - but I try really hard not to put ALL of my scarlet and gray pieces into the OSU category. I was surprised to find that a lot of people would buy scarlet and gray jewelery to wear - even if technically had nothing to do with the Buckeyes (ie. no Buckeyes on the pieces, or OSU lettering).

I am happy to be back online and creating again - I was offline for about 6 months - and had some issues with the computer before that - I am still having issues with the computer, but I am learning to work around (My boyfriend insists that he knows how to fix the computer, but I am STILL waiting and he's the one that screwed it up anyways!)

One of my next projects is going to be something new for me - I am going to make an amulet bag. This is going to be a rather involved project - but I am excited about it.