Sunday, December 20, 2009

And to all a good night....

First of all - I want to start by wishing anyone out there a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I hope that it is a blessed one for all those who follow me (and their families too)!

I have been so neglectful of my blog in recent months. Things have just been crazy which is fairly normal for me. Let me provide you with some updates.

As you can see by the date on this picture - this is a fairly recent picture of our little Alaina - she continues to do pretty well. She is still having to be fed through a feeding tube - but she is such a sweet and good baby. Smiles all the time. She is learning to wave and has learned to shake her head no (and knows what that She is also sitting up on her own pretty well. She will be 1 on January 3rd - I can hardly believe it!

Dad has spent some time in the hospital recently - due to an infection in his port-a-cath. He is doing pretty well all things considered. The good news there is that his cancer counts are getting better. YAY!!!!

I am working 2 jobs now - both of them waitressing. I like it for the most part although it can be terribly frustrating at times. But you do what you have to do - right?

This week, I finally decided to take the plunge and join Facebook. Please feel free to add me to your friends if you are so inclined. I have had a grand time finding my old friends - I have discovered I know a lot of people on there. I have had a ball catching up with them. If all goes well - I will be having lunch with a couple of them this week - I've not seen them in 10 years or so. (And for the record this has completely made my week as they are near and dear to my heart.) I also received a special call from a friend who lives in Canada tonight - we killed my phone as we hadn't talked in about 3 years. It was wonderful to talk to her - only thing that would be better would be to see her in person.

As for the jewelery - I have been working on making new items to add to my shop. My Etsy store is sadly empty now - I have a goal of 100 pieces for my inventory so that I can start adding new items to my shop on a daily basis. Look for these items (and perhaps some sneak peeks here) in the next few months. Pictures remain a challenge for me - so my goal is to make or buy a light box/tent to help with my picture quality. I have learned several new stitches and I am excited to show what I have made!

Take care all - I miss hearing from you all. Take the time to leave a comment if you like. I am always, ALWAYS happy to hear from you!