Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have a winner!!!!

I am so incredibly happy to announce that I have a winner for my contest! This was a really fun experience for me on so many levels. So many people were willing to share me on FB with their friends and family - or Tweet me on Twitter. And I had some really wonderful bloggy love as well. I want to tell you all "THANKS!!!" from the bottom of my little pea picking heart. It is SO hard to get your name out there - and the more people that see my shop, the better it is for me on so many levels.

Congrats to Kristi - she was kind enough to Tweet me several times. I only had 45 entries for my contest - so this improved her chances quite a bit. I will be sending her an email shortly and I will be posting what she chooses when she does.

Thanks again all for participating. I really do appreciate it. Although it will be a while before I do another giveaway, I will probably do this again in the future. =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unintentional Hero

Once in a while, I will happen upon a story that makes me think that the human race is not completely doomed for failure. In today's world, where reality TV, news shows and the internet showcases the worst of the human race in all it's many forms, it is a welcome and refreshing change to hear about something, well - different.

Yesterday, I happened to see a news story on Yahoo about a photographer in Pennsylvania - about 4 hours away from where I live - who had the guts and the courage and the temerity to stand up for what she believes in - the things that she holds as right and true. Here is link to her story:

Here is a self-employed woman - who only has herself to listen too. She decided that listening to her conscience was more important than money. And she took a HUGE risk by doing that. Wow. She refused paying customers because they were bullies - and being mean and hurtful to others on Facebook of all places - not exactly the most private forum in the world. I'd like to think that I would make the same decision if I were in her shoes, but the honest to goodness fact is that money is a powerful motivator in this day and age. Thank you Jen McKen for standing up for what you believe is right. I can only hope that one day, stories like yours will be the norm - and that what we have grown accustomed to in our current society (the hate, the deceit, the anger) will be the "unusual" story of the day. You have given quite a few people hope - and have become an unintentional hero for many, many people. May you have loads and loads of business - because it is truly deserved.

Friday, August 19, 2011

2 weeks left...

Until my giveaway is over! I am terribly excited to have new followers here on my blog. I am not always the best at updating, but I have been getting better. =) This contest is open to everyone - international as well as domestic and here are the quick and easy rules:

I need your help promoting my shop: blog about me, share my shop on FB or tweet my shop and get an entry for each promotion into my drawing to win a free item from my shop. This is up to a $60 value - which only excludes 1 item at this time. Let me know so I don't miss you. I have decided to run this through the end of August - with the drawing on Sept 1st! So still plenty of time to improve your chances to win.

You can find me on FB @ Gems By Jules
On Twitter: GemsByJules
On ArtFire:
On Etsy:

I've been busy creating and making new items. Hexagons seem to have taken over my life for now although there are definitely some more skulls coming into my inventory. I am happy with the results so far. I always have new earrings and possibly some rings in the works as well right now. So lots of new items - just not enough hours in the day to get things beaded.

Speaking of skulls - here is a sneak peek of the necklace I have made up and ready to go (the picture is not the best quality - but it will do for now. I apologize that this is really not up to par for me - Ansel erased the program that I normally use to crop images and make them better - so no idea what I am doing with the current program.) I have gotten a lot of great comments on this necklace - including quite a lot of interest from men on this one. Not that they would actually buy one for themselves - but there has been a lot of studying and interest. =) I happen to think it is adorable.

I am off of here for tonight - I have developed a pounding headache in the meantime - thinking that the issue with the missing picture editing program and trying to learn a new program may have something to do with that. ;-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who wants a giveaway?

You do? Really? Well, that is exactly what I am going to do. =)

After giving this some serious thought today, I have decided that it is high time that I give something back to everyone that has supported me over the years. So - here are the details:

Help promote me and my shop. Blog about my shop, like me on Facebook and share my shop with your friends on your page, follow me on Twitter and re-Tweet my shop. I will give you an entry into the drawing for each promotion you do. Simple. Easy. (I am limiting the number of chances per day to 5 to help make it fair for everyone.) I will close entries on August 25th and draw a name on Sept 1st. (Please note - if you blog about me - please let me know either through FB or Twitter so that I can give you an entry. I will see the shares on my Twitter and FB feeds - but unless I am following you I will not be able to know about blogs.) Also - if you are following me already - that's great and I love you for it! Just promote my shop to get an entry. ;-)

So what do you get if you win? The winner will get to choose from ANY item in my shop - up to a $60 value - which at this current time only excludes one item! YAY!!!

Here are the links to help you out:

To find me: - ArtFire Store - Etsy Store
on FB: Gems By Jules
on Twitter @GemsByJules

Good luck!