Friday, August 19, 2011

2 weeks left...

Until my giveaway is over! I am terribly excited to have new followers here on my blog. I am not always the best at updating, but I have been getting better. =) This contest is open to everyone - international as well as domestic and here are the quick and easy rules:

I need your help promoting my shop: blog about me, share my shop on FB or tweet my shop and get an entry for each promotion into my drawing to win a free item from my shop. This is up to a $60 value - which only excludes 1 item at this time. Let me know so I don't miss you. I have decided to run this through the end of August - with the drawing on Sept 1st! So still plenty of time to improve your chances to win.

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I've been busy creating and making new items. Hexagons seem to have taken over my life for now although there are definitely some more skulls coming into my inventory. I am happy with the results so far. I always have new earrings and possibly some rings in the works as well right now. So lots of new items - just not enough hours in the day to get things beaded.

Speaking of skulls - here is a sneak peek of the necklace I have made up and ready to go (the picture is not the best quality - but it will do for now. I apologize that this is really not up to par for me - Ansel erased the program that I normally use to crop images and make them better - so no idea what I am doing with the current program.) I have gotten a lot of great comments on this necklace - including quite a lot of interest from men on this one. Not that they would actually buy one for themselves - but there has been a lot of studying and interest. =) I happen to think it is adorable.

I am off of here for tonight - I have developed a pounding headache in the meantime - thinking that the issue with the missing picture editing program and trying to learn a new program may have something to do with that. ;-)


mdgtjulie said...

What in the world are we gonna do with him, lol. Sorry you have a headache, but your necklace is cute. I like it. Obsession with skulls and hexagons, lol. Love ya Jules!!

Julie said...

It really isn't an obsession, but just what I am focusing on for the moment. =) As you well know, I have loads of ideas in my head - just have to get them made. ;-)

mdgtjulie said...

I know you have lots of ideas in your head, lol. I would love to know where they all come from!!! I wanna know how seeing something translates into a beading pattern. Your brain just amazes me.