Friday, February 29, 2008

It's 2:30AM

And I should be in bed. But I decided that I needed to put in an update here before I Ah - the joys of being a computer junkie and not being able to go to bed until I do that one more thing.

Actually - that sounds like my life quite a bit. I am an avid cross-stitcher - so I am notorious for doing the "just want to finish this thread/stitch/row/color before I go to bed and next thing you know another hour or two has gone by and I am still sitting in the chair. That happens with my jewelery all the time as well.

It would wonderful if I didn't need to sleep. Actually - it would be nice to be able when and how long I needed to sleep. I say this because I actually do enjoy sleeping. It's nice to be able to shut the brain down for a while.

I had one of the worst days I have ever had at work yesterday. Suffice it to say I had to help unload a lot of furniture (about 75 pieces) off of our truck yesterday that was all lose loaded. It was awful! All of our furniture is made from hard wood - so the stuff is really heavy - especially the dining room tables and chairs. No lunch break either - so I was really happy to be able to leave yesterday and even more glad that I had today off. I am really sore today - and for some reason have been battling a headache that won't quit.

My dog, Ida Mae has been really sick this week. I am hoping that today was a turning point for her and that she is going to start feeling better. She has some sort of infection - so I am just waiting for some antibiotics for her at this time and see what those do for her. She is an absolute love - I was very blessed when she came into my life 4 years ago.

I working on a football themed bracelet for a friend of mine (also named Julie) who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have gotten one bead made at this point - but hope to get it all made up by bedtime tomorrow. I think it is going to look really cool when I get it all done. I will post pictures here once I get it all done.

Oooo - I almost forgot - Etsy was featured on the Martha Stewart show this morning! How cool is that? I forgot it was on but someone was kind enough to provide a link and I am now sharing that with you! Nice segment - I wish it had been a little longer.

Let's see tomorrow I plan to give some TLC to the dog....she needs it right now. I am going to work on Julie's bracelet, promote my etsy site, make up some discount cards for giveaway's for a couple of out of state craft shows, and work on my wolf spirit cross stitch. Oh - and how could I forget doing laundry and dishes? (Quite easily really - since it always the part I WANT to

It is now 3 am - so I guess that is a hint for me to sign off and go to bed...

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