Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on Dad....

Hmmmm - I just realized that I have not updated anyone on my Dad. The past 8 months or so have been really long and emotionally draining at times. I will not go into play by play detail, but will say the following - my Dad is an amazing and wonderful man. I am amazed at all that he has been and continues to go through on a daily basis - and yet he still manages to have a great sense of humor, laugh and love.

He has been on chemo since end of May beginning of June - and last report was that it was doing the trick. He started on dialysis July 30. He had a bowel resection that failed and ended up with a colostemy - that was a nearly month long hospital stay - and he was really sick. That was back in Oct/Nov. He has surgery to install a fistula for dialysis - it was buried too deep - so he had surgery again today to move it closer to the skin so that it can actually be used. Oh - and he had a blod clot in his leg just recently (side effect from one of the chemo drugs).

That's about all in a nutshell - since I am planning on blogging more, I am sure that I will have more detailed updates.

Oh and case you didn't guess - this is my Dad - this past summer after he started the chemo.

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