Monday, September 5, 2011

It's 3AM and I must be lonely...

Bah - and now I will have that song stuck in my head. Why do I do these things to myself?

Actually - to comment on the title of the post, I am really not lonely. Just awake. Sadly, I have learned that though I have tried - and tried and tried - I will *never* be a morning person. Ever. I love the peace and quiet that night brings. Ansel is hopelessly a morning person. He does not understand how I can stay up half the night and I don't understand why he is so unbearably cheerful in the morning. Really - it is annoying, irritating and downright aggravating. Yesterday morning I got up at around 9:30 to use the bathroom - but I was half-asleep and headed back to bed, because 9:30 is still early to me (yes, yes I know this is sad). I can't remember the entire conversation because well - I was half-asleep but he said something, and I mouthed back - which I am prone to do. He started grumbling - which he does all too well - and said "I could have picked a nice quiet girl over here. 'Yes Ansel. Whatever you say Ansel' but NOOoooo I had to pick the one that was all talky because she was more entertaining. I could have had a nice, quiet peaceful life....but Noooooo." I started laughing - because he is so good at this type of thing.

Actually that brings to mind another story - many of you have heard this one because it is so daggone funny that I tell everyone that will stand still long enough to listen. About a year ago or so - I was putting laundry in the washing machine - Ansel was in clear eye shot of me. He asked me, "What are you doing?" Before I could think about it, I shot back "Vacuuming." He looked at me and said, "I don't know why I put up with you - 5'2" and 5' of you is mouth." Hehehe....

Some of you may wonder what the point of this post is. Really - there is not any reason for it other than I felt like blogging tonight - and sharing a little of myself.

Oh sure - I can tell you about the wonderful show I vended at last night. And how my friend, Jaime's band (Shadow Prophets) kicked some major ass. I could bitch and whine and moan that I had no sales, but then tell you I had a great time anyways. I could tell you how I banged my head until I gave myself a headache while rocking out to headlining act Tommy Peacock. I could also tell you that another local group (KLNZR) uses a hearse for transporting their equipment - and that you know at that point something fun is going to happen with that group. Or that being a witness to Fallen on High's wedding proposal was awesome.

I could also tell you that I am going to be taking some pictures of some new jewelry this week and hopefully getting pictures edited and listings made so that you can see some new items from me.

But I won't because really this blog entry is about giving you a glimpse into my life. =)


Sweet Seahorse said...

I love hearing about other people's lives. Does that make me a bit of a sticky beak? Ansel sounds really funny and you too! Don't you just hate those stupid obvious questions!? Once upon a time I used to be a night person, that was 20 years ago when I waitressed. Then as my jobs started earlier and earlier in the morning I could no longer stay up half the night. I am still not a morning person, but I really thrive in the late afternoon. Strange isn't it?
xXx Helen

Julie said...

Well - I have a really dear friend, Julie (you've probably seen her comment here on my blog) that has been after me for a while now to blog more. I keep telling her that I have no idea what to write because my life is pretty boring, and I am not trying to bore people to death. She keeps telling me that what is boring to me is interesting to everyone else. I've discovered over the past few days, that even though people aren't commenting (or perhaps aren't able to - like I am on most blogs) they are in fact reading my blog - and perhaps even enjoying it (which I was surprised to find out. Simply because I don't find my life all the interesting.) So Julie was right - and even though she has already said "I told you so" to me on the phone - I have no doubt that she will post it here again on my

And no - I don't think that makes you a bit of a sticky beak. In this day and age of the internet, one of the few ways that you can actually get a chance to know someone you have never met (for example - a "virtual" friend who lives in ohhh I don't know - let's say Australia ;-)) is through a blog or comments made on FB or Twitter. It just means that you are interested in that person and want to get to know them better. =)

Oh - and I waitress - which definitely lends itself to being a night owl.

Ansel is an absolute riot. His sense of humor has helped me through some hard times. And I freely admit that I am (I think most of my friends would say, "Full of crap.")