Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crummy Couple of Days...

So as I said in my first post, I will be posting here about my personal life as well as business and the last 2 days have not been all that great. I guess I will need to provide a little background for those of you who do not know my story.

Four years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. At the time, it was attributed to high blood pressure which never made a whole lot of sense to me as his blood pressure was caught and treated pretty quickly. He did everything right - watched his diet, exercised - and still the kidneys were failing more quickly than they would have liked and still the docs were not sure why. So right before Christmas last year (2005), we made a trip to Cleveland Clinic where my Dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called multiple myleoma. How I understand this cancer is that it is actually a bone marrow cancer that maifests itself by attacking the organs - namely the kidneys and in rare cases, the liver. All of sudden, his kidney finction loss makes sense to me.

To this point we have been really lucky as he has not had to have any treatment and he feels pretty good. In March he was married (to my WONDERFUL stepmom, Coleen) and right around that time had some bad bloodwork come back - his kidney function had taken a rather large dip. After more testing the docs have determined that it is time to start chemo and as soon as possible as the cancer has progressed further along than they realized. I got this news yesterday and although I have had tome to get used to this whole idea, I guess I am still not ready for this. But if it keeps him off of dialysis, then I hope it will be worth it. (My Mom died from renal failure 8 years ago now - so I know all too well just how hard dialysis can be. I know that many people do fine with dialysis, but my Mom was incredibly sick during her last year and a half and so the idea of watching my Dad go through kidney failure is almost more than I can bear.)

I just did a lot of crying yesterday. I didn't sleep much last night or the night before - big surprise there.

I have to call off of work today as I have no money for bus fare and it is a 5 mile walk to work - one way - I don't think I can handle walking too and from work plus actually working an 8 hour shift. This is a real bummer to me as I really like my job and I really need all the money that I can get right now.

Hmmm - maybe I can put the extra time to good use today and get some more jewelery designed and posted - that would indeed be a good thing on both counts. Guess I will have to see if I can find the money later on in the day to go buy batteries for my

I do have one more piece that I can list today. I have added it above - what do you all think? I hae decided that I love blue and brown together and this piece is a testament to that.

OK - that's all that my rambling brain can think to write for now. Hope everyone has a great day!


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