Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's a Small World...

(do you have the awful song stuck in your head now???? Do ya, do ya, do ya???)

Sorry about that. Really, I didn't mean to do it, but I did it to myself so thought that I would share my pain with you. ;-)

I have to share with you a funny story - one of those "wow, that is really weird" kind of stories.

As many of you know, I work as a waitress. A couple of months ago, I started working at a breakfast bistro place here in town. I really like it a lot and it is the happiest I have been at a job in years. In the evenings, you will often find me in front of my computer plugging my shop online or on the couch in front of the tv, working on a new design or a special order.

A week or two ago, an old friend of mine (Tammy) contacted me and asked me to make my funky plaid bracelet in black, silver and gold. Of course I agreed - I love to make my designs in new color ways - so over the weekend, I worked it up and it turned out beautifully! I was thrilled with the end result. I finished it up last night, and let Tammy now that her piece was ready - and that I would be taking pictures of it today.

(Stick with me here - I promise that my apparent rambling will make sense by the end.)

This morning, I was getting ready for work - and decided to wear Tammy's piece in - because it was a really, really cool bracelet. Also - I will do this some times as a quality control measure - to make sure that my pieces will not fall apart easily. It also gives me a chance to look for any issues that may arise with it.

I went to work and had been there about 45 minutes, when 2 young ladies came in with a little girl. I greeted them at the door - and to my complete jaw-dropping astonishment, it was Tammy! Yes - the same Tammy that had ordered this bracelet. Yes - the same Tammy I had not seen in 20 years. Yes - that Tammy. She had no idea I worked there - this was simply a "we decided to go out for breakfast and we like to eat here" kind of thing. I am still in shock over this "small world" occurrence.

She was thrilled with the bracelet by the way - and took it home with her. Which means no pictures - but I will be making another one of these. =)

God works in mysterious ways.


Cynthia said...

Too cool....see if she will take pics for ya, or gtg so you can snap some....can't hurt to ask....

Jami Mathias said...

She was meant to have it - today - and to see you!

mdgtjulie said...

I told you on the phone I would reply to your post so here I am. I still think it was meant to be, lol. I'm glad she understood the quality control measure, and didn't mind that you had worn it. Just lucky for you, I guess. Grats on the sale!!

Julie said...

@Cyn - well - like I said, I will be making another one of these in the very near future, so I may have to wait until then to get pictures.

@Jami - I think so too!

@Julie - It's one thing to wear a bracelet and another thing entirely to wear a pair of earrings. (I would NEVER sell a pair of earrings I had worn.) Like I said this gives me a chance to check for any issues (for example making sure that where I have added thread in a piece, does not come apart - that my knots are strong enough.)