Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to do?

Many times, I think about blogging - and then don't because I am not sure what to write. I try to keep my blog focused on my jewelery - with the occasional update about my life as I want my readers to get to know me. Plus - how boring would my blog be if every post was "Look at what I made!" or "Here's my newest creation!" I love making jewelery (don't get me wrong) but reading a blog like that would quite simply bore me.

Many of my fellow bead weaving artisans are very creative with their blogs. They talk about anything and everything and somehow relate it to their business or their designs. I struggle with this. I find inspiration from searching the web often times which is not exactly the most exciting topic of discussion. And so I am back to the question: "What to do?" or more exactly "I know I need to update my blog but I have absolutely no idea what to talk about."

And so we arrive here:

I am blogging a little about my life today. Not long ago, I posted about the tumult in my life and the uncertainty I was facing after losing my job. It took me a while, but I have found a new job as a server at a breakfast place. Now those of you who actually, personally know me will think that hell has indeed frozen over as I am *NOT* a morning person. Nope. No way. Snowball has a better chance in hell than me actually being a morning person. But here's the thing: I have been there several weeks so far - and I am truly liking it. I don't hate getting out of bed in the morning. I actually WANT to get out of bed in the morning - and the only time I have said that I didn't want to go into work was 1 morning in which I really, really, really wanted to go back to sleep. I am holding out hope that I may in fact become a morning person although I will be sad to put the "night owl" to rest so to speak. (I have always loved the peace and the quiet of the middle of the night.) I want to function on a "normal" schedule without it feeling like a drag.

On the jewelery front, the new job has given me more time to work on making jewelery. I am focusing more on my stores online. I have quite a few new designs coming, but the biggest problem I have is taking pictures. I simply hate doing it. The process has gotten easier, but I still hate doing it. I will share pictures with you once I get some more taken and of course when I have some new pieces to show you.

Last but not least, the new job has allowed me to spend more time with Ansel. I do enjoy his company a lot. At the old job, we were often like 2 ships passing in the night as he would be getting home from work and I would be going in - and by the time I got home he would be already asleep or close to it. Last week, we had the following exchange that I found really funny:

Ansel (after looking at my rather messy work uniform): "You are a mess. I could work all day and not get anything on me."
Me: "Well, not everyone can be perfect like you are, darling."
Ansel: "Now, now let's get this straight. I am ONLY perfect on Tuesdays and since today is Friday, you will just have to wait until Tuesday for perfection." =)

Good night all!