Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Butterflies and Doggies, oh my...

Hard as it may be to believe - hell has not frozen over. Although the simple fact that I have blogged twice in less than a week may make some of you wonder about that.

This design was inspired by a piece of tattoo clip art. I am really pleased with the end product although I discovered that I unknowingly have created an optical illusion. Last week, when I was visiting my cousin, Cheryl, her daughter Caylee was quite interested in my jewelery. She examined all of the pieces - and she really liked this one. She said to me "I really like the pink doggie." At first - I thought I mis-heard her - but then she said it again. And I said "The pink doggie??" And she said "Yes - that's a pink doggie." Now I thought I had designed a butterfly, but after looking at it a bit closer, I do indeed see the pink doggie. It's funny how a 6 year old can offer a fresh perspective on a piece of jewelery. Do you see the pink doggie???

I am currently working on another art deco cuff. I have created a pendant to go with it and I am very excited about that. As soon as the cuff is done, I will be beading it up - and then I will be creating another art deco cuff - but will be using different colors this time around. I want to see that one in something a bit different.

I have really been trying to bead a bit more lately, so have been making an effort to stay OFF the computer. I seem to always get sucked into the computer and the next thing I know an entire day has gone by - and I have gotten nothing accomplished. Now if only someone would put more hours in the day, I would be very happy.

And last but not least, for the first time in a really, really long time, I am feeling hopeful. I am not sure what has prompted this - but I actually feel like good things are around the corner for me. I hope that those feelings are right for once, as this is a nice change - and one that I would like to keep around.

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