Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things are a'changin'

It's been some time since I posted and I have actually got some news to report. I am finding myself with a lot of upcoming opportunities - known and unknown. (I have some irons in the fire - but they are really nowhere near formation at this point.) Let me tell you what I have in the works...

At the end of June, I was contacted by a promoter through my ArtFire store. She was looking for jewelry designers to work in conjunction with fashion designers for Boston Fashion week. At first, I was very skeptical as I was pretty certain that this was a phishing attempt. So I started searching - and Googling and looking for anything and everything I could about this show, the event, the venue and sites. It this appears to be a completely legitimate offer. Sadly, I would not be able to raise the necessary funds to go by September, but I am truly flattered - and excited by this prospect.

A few days after this, one of my dear friends, Jaime, contacted me about a music and arts' festival called Sounds of Distinction. Now Jaime is in a band called Shadow Prophets and they were playing this event and theyneededvendorsandwouldIbeinterestedeventhoughitwasreallyshortnotice? So I contacted the gal - Natalie - and she kindly informed me that I would be welcome and that there were no booth fees and that I got keep ALL of my sales. Whoa. That's amazing. I went (it was July 9th) - and although I didn't sell as much as I would have liked, I really, really, really had a great time at the event. I heard some amazing local music talent - including Jaime's band. (By the way - if you like heavy metal/hard rock - I highly recommend them. Jaime is an amazing guitarist and vocalist.) I also got to see some great art - and I got a chance to meet new people and see an old friend. Best part? I have been invited to do another show with Natalie on Sept 3rd. And I am intensely excited about this as well. I never dreamed that I would end up working with a promoter.

This has in many respects opened some new doors for me - and I think it will continue to do so for me. I am looking forward to the opportunities that this may bring for me.

In addition I am looking to vend in more local events and shows. I am wanting to do more at this time with my jewelry and I think it is high time I get my butt in gear and start working on getting my name out there more. I am determined to be able to make a living off of this. I want to be the one in charge of my life. Not a work schedule. Not a boss. Not a manager. Me. Little ole' me.