Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Been Kinda Quiet

I just realized that I have been really quiet here lately. And there is a very good reason for that: I have been busy getting jewelery ready for a couple of shows that I did this fall. One is complete at this point and was a success. The other is coming up this weekend.

I have already done the "I am going to get all of this accomplished" list which starts out with the best of intentions and ends up turning into the "What the hell was I thinking I will never get all of this done by this weekend" list. I have managed to make quite a bit off of "the list," but will still fall far short of all of my goals. I guess this just means that I will have quite a bit to keep me going after this weekend.

Short post for me tonight - but wanted to at least let all know that I am still here and designing even if I am not completing everything as quickly as I would like. After I get past this weekend, I will be listing quite a few new items for my shop which I am excited about.